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Away from daylight and distractions, William Penhaligon submerges himself in what feels like another world.

A world in which all the ills of the day have a remedy.

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This, dear reader, is Mr Penhaligon’s


Herbs, plants and flowers offer all manner of recipes and prescriptions to cure – or procure – altered states. The world would be changed once and for all – there was no going back.​

A gateway to Elation has been discovered!

Penhaligon's new Potions & Remedies are distilled with potent powers to cheer, to calm, to excite, to seduce.

Vra Vra Vroom


Vra Vra Vroom

A Spoonful of Vigour

As if inhabited by a dose of blooming spring and spoonful of invigorating enthusiasms, your energy is in abundance.

This is a nation without borders (the possibilities are endless) and a state where all feel free will.

Meet the Perfumer

Quentin Bisch

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Liquid Love

Desire Distilled

Proceed with caution…and wear with care. At first a gentle spritz of confusion, an enveloping sea of sensation, an absence of appetite.

Soon however, an abundance of generosity and joy, your heart is open.​ Suddenly and all at once.

Nothing will ever quite be the same.

Meet the Perfumer

Nicolas Beaulieu

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Meet the Perfumer

Caroline Dumur

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Kiss of Bliss

The Optimist's Ointment

And one day, the sun comes out. The birds are singing. The blues have bid farewell, and doubt has decamped! You too sing from the hill tops, and dance, and twirl all night long.

Your blessings are abundant.

Eau The Audacity​

A Little Liquid Courage

A caution to all those who were of the persuasion that pleasures are best delayed, rules, there to be respected, convention, followed. You may find your world tipped upside down!​

How would it feel to dare greatly – with a little fear-not formula?

Meet the Perfumer

Dominique Ropion

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Balm of Calm

A Cloud of Serenity

As if by some mysterious conflagration of the planets, suddenly the impossible seems unimportant, the terrible seems inconsequential, and the dramatically disastrous, insignificant.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Meet the Perfumer

Juliette Karagueuzoglou

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With Scent

You needn’t see it to believe it, simply catch of whiff of it with the new Potions & Remedies Discovery Set.


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